The power of public speaking

Discover the power of ‘you’ for public speaking 

Would you like to learn something different and truly unique in the art of public speaking? 
Engage and interest your audience

We expect skilled & experienced speakers to engage and interest their audience. 

Would you be surprised to learn that anyone can do this? 
The Charisma Club is the place to learn how to bring your own presence and personality to every presentation. 

What’s the Charisma Club all about? 

When you look at the definition of ‘charisma’ you will see words like ‘compelling’, ‘charming’, ‘inspiring’, ‘magnetic’, and ‘enthusiastic’. 
That’s pretty daunting for most of us. However, in Greek it means ‘a favour freely given’. That’s what the Charisma Club is all about. When you are fully present and focused on the needs of your audience you are certain to succeed. 

Discovering the gift you bring 

Dr Henry Powell is a trained actor, a mime artist, and comedian. He understands the power of authenticity and how to use it. 
The Charisma Club’s purpose is to give you the freedom to enjoy delivering any presentation by discovering the gift you bring to each public speaking event. 

Break the boundaries 

Most of us present ourselves in different ways, depending on the circumstances. We have a ‘self’ for our work, sports activities, social life, and family situations. 
In effect we are members of a number of separate clubs. These clubs can set boundaries which limit us, and which can make us feel uncomfortable about public speaking, where all of our various selves seem to be under scrutiny. 
Discover the power of 'you'

How to discover the power of ‘you’ 

One solution could be to create a new type of ‘self’, and this is often what presentation skills training will aim to do. 
There’s nothing essentially wrong with this, but you will be selling yourself and your audience short if you stop there. When you join the Charisma Club you will explore what is genuinely unique about you and, using tried and tested performance techniques, you will learn how to use the power of ‘you’ to engage your audience. 

What the Charisma Club offers:  

A warm welcome: Every member of the Club attends a welcome event where we unpack the box of basic communication skills you will use. 
Club activities: You can take part in any of our Club activities, whenever you choose. The programme is constantly updated because there’s always something new to learn. 
The Club coach: Like all good clubs, you can improve your skills by spending some time with the Club Pro in one-to-one sessions. 
Corporate membership: Packages are available for teams and businesses that need to impress with effective and professional presentations. 

Discover the power of ‘you’ 

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