Charisma Club activities - your presentation skills programme 

Would you like to be an even more passionate speaker or presenter? 
When you join the Charisma Club your welcome event is designed to give you food for thought. There are so many possibilities to explore that we couldn’t fit them all in to one day. 
Because we’re all different, we offer a range of options for you to explore further. The price for each activity is dramatically reduced for members and you can choose which ones you do, in any order. Each slot will run when the spaces are filled. Don’t worry if the activity you want is already fully booked. We’ll be running another one very soon. We’re developing new activities all the time, so get in touch to find out more. 

Taking it to the next level 

You have experimented with the skills you have already learned. Now you want to go to the next level. Explore how it feels to step outside of your comfort zone and discover your full potential. 

Being in the moment 

It’s easy to become distracted by outside events or self-doubt when you deliver a presentation. Learn how to be ‘in the moment’ and how to stay there. 

Getting comfortable with yourself 

It’s very natural to feel that giving a presentation opens you up to criticism. Find out how professional performers learn to be comfortable with themselves. 

Break the chains 

“No learning is harmless”. We have all been taught to do things in certain ways. Sometimes this creates habits that are hard to break. Learn how to challenge your preconceptions. 

Laugh out loud 

Humour is very engaging, but comedians know that you can’t simply stand up and be funny. Meet your inner-comic and learn how to inject humour into your presentations. 

Take a physical focus 

Breathing control, posture, gestures, and expressions all make a difference to what and how you communicate. Become more aware of your physicality and how to use it. 

Enhance the power of ‘you’. 

If you want some more intensive activities ask about our one-to-one coaching sessions
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