Communication skills for Club members 

The Charisma Club gives a warm welcome and new communications skills to all new members. Would you like to learn something different and truly unique in the art of public speaking? 
Often we worry about what we will say, but so much of communication is about how it takes place. At the Charisma Club welcome event you will learn some basic skills that will create a solid basis for your growth as an interesting and engaging communicator. 

Fighting the fear 

Even trained actors and performers feel nervous. Every presentation you give will be different and it’s natural to feel a certain amount of fear when you enter the unknown. The first skill out of the box is how to understand your feelings and how you can use them to give better presentations. Learning how to work with your feelings is empowering and rejuvenating. 

Accessing your audience 

Good presentations focus on what audiences need and want. Another essential skill is how to work out the questions your audience really wants to ask. Then you can explore how you – and only you – can answer them. 

Don’t say a word 

Learn some of the secrets that allow physical performers, mime artists and comedians to communicate without language. We will explore how you can feel comfortable with yourself and create your own unique presence through body language. 

Making sense 

Now you understand your emotional response to public speaking, you have built confidence about the goals for your presentation, and you are developing your physical communication skills, you can concentrate on the words themselves. 
Yes, that’s right – the last thing we do is look at how to use language sparingly and well to create a really interesting and engaging presentation. 

Discover the power of ‘you’ 

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