The Corporate Charisma Club 

The Corporate Charisma Club amplifies communication skills for businesses 
Excellent communication skills for businesses in fast-paced sales and professional environments can transform results. Do you want to breathe new life into your business communication skill set? Do you need to inform and engage your colleagues and leaders in a corporate environment? Are you sharing complex ideas and opportunities with existing and new customers? Your communication skills can make all the difference. 

Group dynamics 

When you see professional speakers and performers you might think they are each working alone. In fact, to be effective, they have learned to work with people in many different ways. You can improve your observational and listening skills to become more sensitive to group dynamics. When you understand wider patterns of communication you can become much more effective. 

Developing your style 

In a business environment many of us feel that we must behave in certain ways. While you need to be aware of your professional environment, really successful business communicators are still themselves. They bring their own unique approach and perspective to their communication. You can learn to do this appropriately and powerfully to make your points clearly and to be remembered. 

Making an impact 

Of course you will have business objectives, but every communication should be based on what your audience wants and needs. Once you understand how to answer other people’s questions and achieve your own goals at the same time you will become a more impactful speaker, presenter and influencer. 

Your bespoke package 

The Corporate Charisma Club is focussed on improving your communication skills to achieve your business goals. 
You can run focussed events to improve all-round awareness and communications skills. To achieve your longer-term goals you can have a fully bespoke activity programme and one-to-one coaching for your Board, executive leaders, sales or customer services teams. 

Increase the power of ‘us’. 

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